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Why become an Audible member, audible suno?

Your choice of audiobook every month, regardless of the price

All the audiobooks in your Audible Library are yours to keep, even if you cancel the membership

Didn’t like your audiobook?

Like audible suno is a great way of entertainment while you are working.

Swap it for freeFree, unlimited listening to Audible Original shows.

Download as many as you’d like at no extra cost.

Also includes a 30-day trial of exclusive audio content, more ‘firsts’ on our website, and more. Projects – When you become an Audible member you get access to our beautiful audio library.

This includes pre-recorded bestsellers and hour-long master recordings that you can download for free.

As for …Cosmology 101 We discuss the amazing fact our Universe came into existence uncaused out of nothing.

Why does the Universe have so much matter?

Why is it made of matter?

Is there a Divine Plan behind it all?

What is the greatest existential threat the planet and life in it now face?

What is the biggest threat that we may face in the future?

And can the Earth possibly sustain itself in its current state?

David Linehan…. (Audible member) …

we discuss his documentary simply entitled ‘A Conversation with David Linehan’ which is part of the BBC Sound of 2014 program running from Sunday 7th July through to Monday 8th July at 9 Am London

Science and Technology Wonders of Physics, Life, Art, Creation, Space, Earth, and ET/Distant Worlds.

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Remember That: A very special video.

Books: The Universe Within! A link to a readable, informative book (hardcover) about Star Trek & Quantum Physics and its impact on our lives, arguably, more than Star Trek did.

Live Shows: As an Audible member you get access to our beautifully presented and produced podcasts live every week for you at the same time each day.

You can easily skip back and forth between them

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