What’s SEO – How It Can Bring 10X Magic to Your Website

What’s SEO, and its importance?

How SEO helps your business in 2021?

We will see this in this blog what’s SEO, its impact and importance.

That’s S.E.O. means Search Engine Optimization.

See in this image: Search Query is being done on Google monthly result.

serp SEO

This number of Searches is done on monthly basis just for shoes online in India.

Now imagine if your business is selling shoes and these numbers of searches users do, mean so many people are finding your products and services online.

That’s amazing.

How can you benefit from this?

Let’s see in this blog.

What’s SEO? Search engine optimization?

Now you’re wondering that what’s SEO actually, the question stays still there.

So let’s understand from a basic level.

A search engine is an internet database that stores every website and its information and indexes them accordingly to their relevance and metrics like freshness, authority, and updating.

Now when any user goes on to Google in search of something, he would type: online shoes buy or buy shoes online.. something like that.

So Google as a Search Engine runs a process to find relevant results of a user’s query.

But there are millions of websites that sell shoes online, and hundreds add daily no doubt.

How would Google provide a result to the user?

And why some sites will show up on the first page of SERP. And some will fall back, and many of those sites won’t even appear in the search.


It all depends on Google algorithm and matric, Google-like search engine to serve users better results, always stay up to date with key factors.

Like, the freshness of the website and its contents, relevancy, and authority.

Some other metrics are there to come in place while Google serving results, those are user experience, UI and UX, interface,

The higher the matrics Google has given to the sites, the better the results ranking would be.

Now we have seen all about search engine and how it works in short.

How SEO Optimization can Help your business?

Let’s see, now SEO is a process that undergoes to rank any website with its keywords.

Let’s assume that you’re having a shoe shop and you’re selling shoes online.

What's SEO

The above result as links of various websites is showing, is a search result for shoes online keyword.

You have built the website for your business, but search engines like Google and Bing do not know about your business, nor your site.

So a technical person or SEO agency applies a submission of your site on google to request them to index your site in their database.

From here SEO works start just after the website developer gets done.

SEO Agency puts your website in the Google database, then Google might index your website according to their terms and policies.

Now, you have a website that has pages like home, about us, contact us, and company names.

Google scans your website through its crawlers ( what’s is crawler will discuss in another blog) and tries to find keywords, services, products, or what is you’re into.

Since your site is just built afresh, so there would be default names and content.

Bots would not figure out what your site is about and what its industry is at pages level, post level, and website level too.

So even if you’re manufacturing great shoes or selling very authentic shoes, and of course you have made a costly and high-performance website, but since it lacks the details Google’s crawlers need to index your site.

Your site will lose all its advantages.

The reason for that, even when someone searches for your product, your site won’t show up in the SERP.

The biggest loss you have welcomed even after putting all efforts and money into website development.

How SEO can save your Website?

Leaving the part of how to do SEO, let’s jump to why it’s important for your business especially the website.

SEO agency puts Google crawlers exact information your business shall represent.

It will act as a representative of the site, telling the bots things what’s about your business and services exact in their language and the way Google captures information.

There are Google guidelines and rules, keeping it into consideration SEO can bring your website up in the rank first, then on the first page of SERP.

If you see how many searches are made on Google every second, you won’t leave this great opportunity just like that.

You should be known that Google organic results are just pure gold and you get just for free only if you have done your site SEO right.

So let’s conclude it.

We have seen, what’s SEO, how Google crawlers indexing websites, and how SEO works,

Plus we have seen how it’s important for your website’s organic growth.

I hope it’s useful for my readers, if you find it useful then please share it with others.

If you have questions regarding SEO or looking for SEO service for your business then you can contact us.

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