30 Pinterest board ideas You Have To See

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Whether you’re an established blogger or a beginner, Pinterest is a great place to share your content and get it seen by more people. The key is to create great content, but also to make sure that you are creating the right content with good Pinterest board ideas. You can use this list of 30 Pinterest board ideas for starting a new Pinterest board as inspiration for your next blog post or YouTube video.

30 Pinterest board ideas You Have To See


Pinterest boards are a great way to keep track of ideas, recipes, and inspiration. If you’re a visual learner, Pinterest is an excellent tool for organizing your thoughts and finding what you need. It’s also a great place to share ideas with others.

Holiday baking/recipes

You can make a cookbook-inspired holiday board by organizing images of your favorite recipes by holiday. You’ll want to include seasonal fare as well as recipes that are appropriate for any time of year. If you’re sharing a recipe on your board, don’t forget to include the ingredients and instructions!

Another option is to make a board with fun baking ideas that are perfect for sharing with family and friends during the holidays: try making gingerbread houses or decorating sugar cookies with festive sprinkles!

Travel ideas

Travel ideas are one best Pinterest board ideas to create content with

  • Pictures of places you’ve been. Whether you’re a veteran traveler or just getting started, there’s something to be said for the nostalgia factor in looking back through your visual history.
  • Places you’d like to see. If you’re planning a trip, Pinterest can help provide destination ideas and inspiration for things to do while there.
  • Tips for traveling (and saving money). From budgeting tips and packing hacks to finding free Wi-Fi locations around town, Pinterest has plenty of resources to get your trip off on the right foot!

Kids crafts

It’s easy to be intimidated by DIY crafts. After all, you’re dealing with sharp scissors and hot glue guns, which can be dangerous if not handled correctly. But don’t let that stop you from creating something beautiful and unique for your home or your kids.

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Pinterest is full of inspiring ideas for crafting projects tailored to every age group, from preschoolers to seniors. Here are some of the best boards for inspiration:

  • Kids crafts
  • Toddler crafts
  • Preschooler crafts
  • School-age kid crafts * DIY teen crafts (great gifts) * All ages (for grandparents)

Fitness motivation

Fitness motivation boards are all about showing off your hard work. If you’re looking for a way to boost your motivation, or if you want to help others on their fitness journey, these boards will give you tons of ideas.

  • Use images that show off people’s progress and accomplishments. These could be before-and-after photos, selfies taken after they’ve lost weight or started working out more regularly (or both), or even collages that show how far they’ve come over time.
  • Have some fun with the graphics: add inspirational quotes with motivational messages in them; choose graphics that reflect how much fun working out is rather than just how difficult it can be sometimes; use emojis in different colors/styles to convey different moods—these are all ways that Pinterest users have found success in getting their message across visually!

Tattoo designs

Tattoo Designs as Pinterest boards idea

Tattoo designs are an excellent place to start if you want a board that’s more inspirational or motivational. If you have a particular person in mind for the design, then it can be even better to create a board dedicated to their interests and hobbies.

You could also create a general tattoo design idea based on things such as life events (such as graduation or marriage), dates, or places that have special meaning for you and your loved ones.

Organization hacks

  • Hanging shoe organizers are a great way to store and organize your shoes.
  • You can also use a hanging shoe organizer to store belts.
  • Hanging shoe organizers can also be used to store scarves, jewelry, hats (if you don’t want them lying around), and ties (if you’re into that).

Fitness workouts

  • Bodyweight workouts
  • Cardio workouts
  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts

Bodyweight workouts are great because they use your body weight as resistance and don’t require any equipment! Cardio exercises are pretty self-explanatory but make sure to do them at a moderate pace for longer periods rather than sprinting for short bursts (e.g., 40 minutes jogging vs 10 minutes running as fast as you can).

HIIT is like cardio, except with much more intensity and less time spent exercising overall – which means you’re burning more calories in less time! This type of training is also a good place to start if you have not worked out in a while or are looking for an easy way to get started on the path toward healthy living

Travel tips/etc.

Your travel boards can include anything from your favorite hotel to the best places to visit in a specific city or town. If you have traveled extensively, try making a board with tips on how to save money and make the most of your time while traveling.

If you haven’t traveled much yet, don’t be afraid to start small! Your first board could be filled with basic ideas like: “15 things everyone should know before taking their first trip abroad”. This is an easy way to get started, but it’s also an excellent way for new travelers (and even veteran ones) to learn more about planning their next adventure!

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You can also create separate Pinterest boards based on how long each trip will last: short trips like weekend getaways; medium-length trips like two weeks of vacation; long trips like 6 months abroad.

Life tips/advice/etc.

  • How to be more productive
  • How to be less stressed out
  • How to have a more positive mindset and outlook on life.
  • Ways to feel happier, more grateful, and confident in yourself.

Home decorating ideas inside and out

A Pinterest board is a great place to store all sorts of ideas, from decorating your home to cooking a meal. You can share your own or find inspiration from others.

It’s easy to create a board and pin things you love, such as pretty pictures of flowers in vases or colorful arrangements that are so refreshingly different from the norm.

If you find something inspiring, save it on your computer or phone so that when it comes time to do some decorating around the house, you know exactly what kind of look you want!

Your board can be anything that inspires you—from interior design tips for small spaces (great if yours is cramped like ours) or even just ideas for what kinds of foods are healthy enough not only for children but also for adults who may have forgotten how important eating well really is!

Music playlist Pinterest board ideas (for working out, studying, parties, etc.) – pulling from Spotify or other music streaming sources rather than saving individual songs to Pinterest. This is a better option because these services often change the song you want or take it away.

To create a music playlist board, first, create a new board on Pinterest. You can do this by clicking the plus icon and selecting “Create A Board” from the drop-down menu.

Next, go to your Spotify account and create a new playlist. Then add songs to that playlist that you want to listen to on your new Pinterest board. Once you’ve added all of the songs you’d like to include in your playlist, click on “Pin it” at the bottom of each song (or press Ctrl+Alt+P).

This will take you back to Pinterest where you’ll be able to see your newly created pin with its cover art displayed next to some text that says “Save for later.” Click on this text so that it turns blue and becomes selectable (this indicates it’s been pinned). You should now see two pins: one for each song!

Now comes the fun part: adding descriptions! For both pins under “Edit” click on their respective titles; then type out whatever information might help someone understand where these songs come from or why they’re important enough for inclusion here. Next, click away from either pin’s title until more options appear in blue below them (they should say things like “description,” “description link,” etc.).

When done writing about both tracks’ details hit enter twice before clicking away again so that nothing gets overwritten accidentally! Finally—and most importantly—add an image if possible! This will give others something visual reference when coming across this board while browsing through their feeds.”

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[Fill in the blank] hacks – for example, “cleaning hacks”, “makeup hacks”, “crafting hacks”, etc. Anything you can think of

Hacks are ideas that take something common or every day and make it better. For example, a hack could be using an old lampshade to make a hat (which is exactly what we did!)

Hacks are useful because they can save you some cash while making your life easier and more fun. Hacking is also a great way to use something you already have around the house—like all those old magazines you’ve been meaning to read since college!

Try out some of these hacks for yourself!

Goal inspiration or motivation boards – to help keep you on track for your goals. These could be anything from business goals to personal goals (learning a language, losing weight, getting stronger, etc.) to family goals like planning a vacation or remodeling a room.

  • Set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.
  • Examples:
  • Lose 10 pounds by the end of next month. (Specific)
  • I want to be able to run a mile without stopping by the end of this year. (Measurable)
  • I will read more books for pleasure each month next year by spending 30 minutes reading every day after work instead of watching TV or surfing the net. (Attainable)
  • I will go on one date per week until I find someone who I want to marry in a year. (Realistic)

Wedding ideas – everything from wedding dress ideas, to party favors, decorations, bridesmaid gifts, and more.

Wedding ideas – everything from wedding dress ideas, to party favors, decorations, bridesmaid gifts, and more.

Wedding dresses

If you love fashion but feel like it’s a bit out of your budget or just too much work to keep up with trends you can be inspired by pinning these gorgeous gowns!

You don’t need an event coming up to find inspiration though — maybe you’ll find yourself with a few extra hours on your hands this weekend? Now’s the perfect time to get those sewing skills in order so that when those moments do arise they can come together quickly!

Party favors

Creating custom favors is such an easy way for guests who attended your wedding ceremony or party will remember all the things they loved about it forever! Whether it’s personalized mason jars filled with mini chocolates or tiny bottles of bubbles tied together with ribbons as unique thank yous — there will always be some way that makes sense when thinking about how best to convey gratitude through small tokens such as these.


We hope you found these Pinterest board ideas useful. Pinterest is a great way to organize your creative thinking and add inspiration to your life and business. As the newest social media platform, it’s important to stay on top of trends so that you can better serve your audience and get more out of the resource.

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