How To Start Tech Blog In 7 Actionable Steps

How to start a tech blog from scratch? If you’re a techno freak and want to share your knowledge with the world, and want To Start Tech Blog

How can you start a blog, all the basics we will see in this blog. So let’s Start!Blog On Technology,  starting a tech blog

How to define a topic for Tech Blog

If you are well determined with the topic to start Tech Blog then it’s fine. You can skip this part.

But, if you’re confused in choosing a topic for a technology blog, it can be software specific, hardware-specific, or industry-specific.

There are many niches and even micro-niches inside the broad term: Tech Blog!

I will help you choose which niche is suitable for you, helping you to make your start an easy task.

Choosing any niche you should keep 3 things in mind.

3 main points to determine a niche for your blog/ content site

Selecting a profitable niche is a good practical way to start a tech blog. however, if you’re the main moto is just sharing knowledge then you can write about anything you know.

  • Knowledge/ Experience

Find first which area-specific you are qualified to write about? do you have some sort of experience or knowledge in that specific topic?

  • Interest/ Passion

Considering passion for any topic, then interest is a long term winning differentiator

  • Earning potential

and the last finding, if it has enough earning potential, is an easy way to choose a niche for a blog whether it is specific to general, tech, science, art, or anything.

You can read this about selecting a niche here on this blog in brief.

A platform for Writing blogs on Technology

Once you’re done with a niche in mind, you should move on to the main point which is which platform you are going to write on.

There are a lot of platforms online to write blogs and do blogging, but I would suggest you go with WordPress.

WordPress is user-friendly, easy, convenient, and reliable.

Top 3 useful platforms for you to Tech Blog

Where thousands of platforms are available online, WordPress is best as per my recommendation.

Starting with WordPress is pretty easy. All you need is domain and hosting.

It is great software and platform to kick start your technology blogs within an hour.

It is easy to install, operate, and modify as you like.


  • No restriction on design, usage, and monetization, nothing.
  • Freedom to customize and choose a variety of themes and plugins.


  • You will require to have basic knowledge about hosting, domain configuration, and WordPress
  • You will need a domain and hosting to start with this.

It is a WordPress-owned and managed platform from the company.

It is very easy and beginner-friendly.


  • It is very supportive and beginner-friendly.
  • No need for domain or hosting ( you are allocated to use a subdomain with free plans)
  • No technical knowledge is required.


  • You have to buy its plans if you want to use your domain
  • It is not easy to change or use themes as you preferred.


Like other social media platforms, the medium is free to use for writing purposes.

You can write articles, blogs, and many things on the Medium platform.


  • It is free and very intuitive to use and access
  • You can post your affiliate links respecting their guidelines


  • You can’t change much in appearance and design

Choosing a domain name

If you are building a blog then the first thing you will need is a domain.

A domain is a URL address or any blog or website. It helps to locate your site easily online.

Here is the domain of my blog.

HTTPS: it’s hypertext transfer protocol secure

WWW: World Wide Web

Domain name

.COM: Its a TLD extension

Now for tech blog you can use .tech or .io extension or general extension like .com, .net or country specific

For domain names, choosing an easy yet unique name is a great way to start a blog.

Use a name that is easier to remember and short.

It should have a keyword in the name, that’s good from an SEO point of view.

Choosing a web hosting for a tech blog

In the market, there are hundreds of web hosting service providers.

Some offer good discounts, or some are so costly.

Some hosting provides support well, but some have good bandwidth.

To make it easier for you we have tried many hosting, and lost a lot of money on hosting buying.

Still, we had left out services and support.

Most web hosting service providers who have cheap plans suffer in serving their clients.

So I’m going to suggest you go with Bluehost.

Start with Bluehost

It’s a premium WordPress hosting service provider and one of the hosting providers that WordPress itself recommends.

  • It has the best support 24*7 chat and calls both.
  • It has worldwide servers, so you will have better latency and speed.
  • The best part of Bluehost is, that it starts at 2.69$ a month, plus you get a domain free for the first year
  • I would suggest you go with 3 years plan to get better discounts, this company offers crazy discounts

Just left out all other add-ons while selecting, and buy just hosting 1 year or 3 years plan as per your wish.

Plus, it gives you 70% off!

Try Bluehost Hosting

It’s pretty easy to buy and set up a hosting account.

It’s very easy to install WordPress software into hosting with Bluehost.

All you have to do is, go to the dashboard and install WordPress.

Content Planning

Once you’re done with the hosting and domain of your blog, the next part is content creation and planning.

Few questions to ask yourself in regards of content creation

  1. How many blogs you’re able to produce in a month
  2. Are you writing alone or taking other content writers/auther onboard
  3. Depth of any topics
  4. What is result do you want from a blog

Answer these questions by yourself and create a content plan for your tech blog.

Create a topic map and according to that schedule, blog writing and publishing plan.

You can write a blog weekly or monthly it’s up to you.

Affiliate Marketing To Monetize Tech Blog

An affiliate marketing program is your moneybag for blogs.

There are many affiliate program is available online.

Some of them are CPA models some the CPS.

Affiliate Programs to register for tech blog

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Flipkart Affiliate Program
  • Hosting affiliate program

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce store online to date. Millions of buyers buy daily in huge numbers of products.

You can promote books, TVs, and other electronic items from Amazon affiliates.

They offer up to 20% of commission on each sale.

The same goes with Flipkart, but not so popular with bloggers.

While you can also promote hosting affiliate programs to your readers.

Promotion & Marketing of blog

You should start the promotion of your blog from day one.

Because Best content without promotion is stinking.

For the promotion of your tech blog, you can register on Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest, and start sharing blogs.

You should create a promotion schedule to share your blogs on social media networks.

Plus, you should consider the SEO of your blogs. Do SEO of every blog you publish. It helps your blog discover through Google organic searches.


Here we have seen how you can start a tech blog on WordPress from scratch.

I hope it helps you, all you need is to start your blogging journey.

Here is the deal from Bluehost Hosting.

Try Bluehost Hosting

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