How To Start A Food Blog & Make Money (2022)

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If you are a foodie/ food lover/ taste buddy, and looking for starting a food blog?
Then you’re in right place.
We will go to see how to start a food blog from scratch.
All you need is food love!
So let’s start a step-by-step guide on starting a food blog to make money for you.

Important Tips Before Starting A Food Blog

how to start a food blog

You have to spend hours researching what styles work for blog styles.

You won’t know all the information needed, but it’s important for you to at least familiarize yourself with the basics of blogging.

Decide on your niche

This one is recommended for all types of food bloggers.

What are you most passionate about in the kitchen?

That one thing will be your niche.

It may be vegan cooking, baking, gardening, locavore dining, or just simple, healthy dinners for two that involve balsamic vinegar or soy sauce.

Whatever it is, this should bring you joy and dictate the feel and flavor of your blog’s content.

The more specific you can be, the better.

So don’t write “paleo recipes” as your topic header because it could mean any number of different things to potential readers.

Plan your content

The plan of your content depends on your intended audience and what you’d like to offer.

Ask yourself: What message would I like to paint?

Will this draw in my target audience?

How can I create content that matches my style and is fresh and interesting, but also creates an emotional connection for readers?

Choose a Blog Theme For Food Blog

People want to know their food is clean and nutritious.

More and more individuals are growing weary of eating processed foods because they don’t know what’s in them, or if they even knew what was in them, they could pronounce it!

Food blogs not only give people a trusted source of information but also focuses on advertising the eatery that provides the creations and guides readers through creating and developing their recipes (which will boost that restaurant’s clientele if it sounds tasty!).

How To Start A Food Blog In 2022

A domain name helps your blog reach findability and increases web traffic to it.

It should be one word and SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE, ie:,

Choose A Blogging Platform

You shall choose a blogging platform from which you can start writing.

Some of the names to mention:-

Blogger is one of the major platforms for writers and bloggers around the world.

It’s powered by Google.

You don’t have to worry about the hosting or development part.

You just start writing there, and once you want to do self Branding, you can attach a custom domain to your blog. offers free and paid plans,

Whereas free plans come with WordPress Branding and subdomain.

To do self-promotion you shall buy their plans.

Medium is a good platform for writing anything.

It’s clean and comes with writers friendly editor.

It’s good to start if you are just trying things.

Self-hosted Blog

A self-hosted blog is something good option if you are serious about blogging in long term.

It requires you to buy a domain, hosting, and development of blog

But it gives you way more power over your blog writing, editing, and choosing a revenue program.

Set Up The Blog Pages

Setup blog pages as required by theme, home, about, and contact us.

But more pages like recipe, ingredients, style, local, etc etc.

Start Writing Your First Food Blog Post

The last and main part is writing!

After all the process and preparation, you have to just start writing on your topic with style.

Believe me, over time, by practicing you will improve and learn more.

How To Start A Food Blog And Make Money

You can monetize your food blog and start making money, so let’s see some ways to make money,


Google Adsense provides a great platform to monetize traffic for bloggers, it lets you put adverts on your website/blog, and start earning money per click.

Affiliate marketing

You can promote relevant products and services your readers might be interested in, and start earning money by selling products, you earn a commission per sale.

Selling web space

It is a very advanced way to earn money if your blog is getting a lot of traffic you can sell out web space on your blog to companies and brands, which will make you earn more money than google Adsense.


We have seen how to start a food blog from scratch with ideas, and style, and then we discussed a platform for you to write on.