How to sell on Meesho In 2022

Meesho is a unique e-commerce platform that allows you to list your products on its app-based marketplace. It is one of the fastest-growing startups in India, and it has been named “India’s Most Promising Startup” by Forbes magazine. Meesho Reseller Program is an opportunity for a newbie entrepreneur to start their own small business with just Rs 0 investment.

In this blog, we will see how to sell on Meesho!

What is Meesho?

Meesho is a platform where you can sell your products online, to customers. It’s also a marketplace where you can sell your products to customers. And it’s also a mobile app that allows you to do all of the above—you know, at the same time.

Meesho is designed to help entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses by enabling them to sell their products in any way they choose.

The Meesho seller platform allows merchants on its network (like you!) to set up shop on meesho website, create an online store using design templates, list their items for sale using meesho e-commerce technology, manage customer orders and shipments using software built by the Meesho team—it’s pretty simple!

How do I become a Meesho Reseller?

If you have been thinking of becoming a Meesho Reseller, then this is the right time. You can become a Meesho reseller by filling out the form on the website.

The next step is that you need to verify your account and then meesho will send an email with further details on how to activate your account as an official reseller on Meesho marketplace.

How does Meesho’s business model work?

Meesho is a social commerce platform that enables users to sell products online.

It’s a marketplace for small businesses, connecting them with consumers across India and other emerging markets like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Meesho offers its partners the tools they need to launch their personalized online store including product listings, payments services, logistics support, etc., all on one platform.

Which on-demand video course should I take to start my reselling business on Meesho?

You can take the course at This is a free course and will help you understand how to resell products on the Meesho platform.

The course covers topics like:

  • How to create a storefront (a shop-like page) where you can sell your products
  • How to create an account with Meesho, set up a payment gateway, get verified by the bank, and so on
  • How to add products for selling in your store – by uploading images or by searching for similar products already listed in the marketplace
  • Promoting your store on social media platforms such as Facebook pages/groups, Whatsapp groups, etc

Do I need to pay anything to start my business on Meesho?

You don’t have to pay anything before starting your business on Meesho. You can start your online shop for free by downloading the Meesho app or signing up on the website.

Will someone help me place orders on Meesho?

Yes, the Meesho team will help you place orders on Meesho.

They will help you get started with the app, and they’ll also help you optimize your business.

They can offer advice for growing your business and reaching more customers, which ultimately means getting new orders!

What are the benefits of using the Meesho app as a reseller?

Here are some of the benefits:

  • You can earn money for each order you place.
  • You can use your images as product images.
  • You can use your courier service for shipment, or if you don’t have a courier service, meesho will provide you with one from our list of partners at no additional cost to you.
  • You can choose whether to sell one item at a time or multiple items in bulk through Meesho’s marketplace platform.

Can I use my images as product images on the app?

Yes, you can use your images as product images on the app. You can add your image of a product to the description section and save it there.

Once saved, the image will appear in all listing details across all platforms. The best way is to upload a high-resolution image so that customers can see what they are buying clearly.

How do I earn profit from placing an order on the app?

You will earn a profit margin on the sale of the product. The profit margin depends on the product and how much you are willing to invest in marketing it.

The profit margin is calculated as a percentage of the cost or price of that particular product.

You can add your margins in product cost you want to sell, then you share product with others in your family, friends or relatives, once they order your products, you can place order from the meesho marketplace and take margin.

Everything from shipping to deliver product to buyer is done by meesho platform, you don’t have to worry about it!

All the answers you need before starting your reselling journey

To become a reseller, you need to:

  • Sign up as a seller on the platform. It’s free!
  • Buy at least one product of your choice from the store and create an order for it. 
  • Take photos of that order from application then share with others once they order , you are good to go.

How to sell on Meesho in 6 Steps

Step 1: Create a Meesho account.

To get started, visit and click the “Sign Up” button on the top right. You’ll be prompted to create a new account or sign in 

Once you’re signed up, you can start adding products and sellers through Meesho’s mobile app or at

Step 2: Select products you want to sell.

You can sell any product, but you need to be careful about the products you sell.

If you are using the app to select products, follow these steps:

  • Choose a category and click on it to see all the products under that category.
  • Select a product from its details page and click the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of your screen (see image below).

Step 3: Share products with your customers.

Now that you’re all set up with your store, it’s time to start sharing products with your customers! To do this, simply add a product and include the following details:

  • Product description. This is where you can give your customers all the information they need about what they’re buying. It’s also where you can explain how to use or care for your product.
  • Product image(s). Your customer will likely want to see what their purchase looks like before making a decision, so make sure you have an image of every item in your store. 
  • Product price and category. We recommend listing prices as low as possible—even if this means sacrificing profit margins at first—to attract customers who may not have heard about Meesho.
  • Product tags/barcodes/product URLs: These fields let users find similar items by browsing categories listed here instead of having search engines look everything up themselves which can take forever, especially when there are hundreds upon hundreds

Step 4: Place an order on the Meesho supplier’s page.

Once you’ve uploaded your product, place an order on the Meesho supplier’s website. This is very simple. You can do this directly from your website by clicking the “Place an order” button in the top right corner of any page, or you can simply click on any product page and add it to your shopping cart before proceeding to checkout.

Step 5: Receive & ship the product to your customer.

Once you have received the product, it’s time to ship it to your customer. You can do so either through the app or on the Meesho website.

  • Ship through the app: To ship via this method, simply log into your account and choose the ‘ship’ option from the list of options available. Select the product that you want to send and add all details including Billing Address and Shipping Address (if different). Once done uploading all details including photos of your product, click on the ‘Confirm Order button at the bottom right corner of the screen which will generate a shipping label with a tracking number for you to share with the customer.
  • Ship directly through Meesho: If you want Meesho to handle everything for you then just select the “Ship Directly From Suppliers” option from the drop-down menu during the checkout process before submitting order details on our website.

Step 6: Transfer the profits

Once you’ve completed the above steps and have transferred your profits to your bank account, it’s time to check on your balance.

You earn by adding commission to the actual product cost.

Is Meesho free to sell?

Meesho is free to sell. You can add unlimited products, pictures, and categories at no additional cost. This means that you can have as many products in your store as you want.

How much does it cost to sell on Meesho?

There’s no cost to sell on Meesho. There are no fees associated with selling through Meesho. Once you’re approved, you can create and promote your products as much as you want!

Can I resell Meesho products on Amazon?

Yes, you can sell Meesho products on Amazon.

You can sell Meesho products with the help of Amazon Seller Central.

What product sells most on Meesho?

Meesho is a marketplace where you can sell your products. It has a large number of buyers and sellers.

Many people use Meesho as their primary channel to buy and sell items.

They also use it as an additional source when they want to buy something specific, like clothes or electronics. This makes Meesho great for any type of business owner no matter what product they’re selling!

Where can I sell Meesho products online?

You can sell Meesho products on the Meesho app. You can also sell your products on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and ShopClues.

Here is a complete list of sites where you can sell your products online:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • ShopClues

Once you have decided which platform to go with for selling your product online, you will need to figure out how much each platform pays in commission and how much it charges for selling the product.

You can make a profit by selling on the Meesho app

You can make a profit by selling on the Meesho app.

You can sell various products online such as clothes, accessories, jewelry, etc. The process of selling your product is very easy and simple.

You just need to upload the picture of your product, write a description about it and set a price for that product.

Once you are done with this process, Meesho will send a notification to all its users who are interested in buying your specific product.

If any buyer buys your item then he/she will get an email from the Meesho app where he/she has to pay for the product along with shipping charges and other taxes (if any).


Congratulations! You’re now ready to start selling on Meesho. We can’t wait to see your products in the marketplace, and we hope that this guide has helped you navigate your way through the process. If you have any questions, please reach out to us through email, or put your questions in comments section, we will be happy to help.


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