Best 9 Backlink Checker Tools in 2022

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Are you looking for better ways to check your Backlinks?

Then here we are going to see some of the best Backlinks checker tools that will help you check, monitor, and analyze your Backlinks profile in 2022.

Backlinks are essential in creating strong SEO rankings; they act as references by which Google evaluates the quality of your content.

A lot of search engines are starting to use AI to determine what backlinks are valuable and which ones aren’t.

It is important these days to check your backlink profile with a tool that will provide you with valuable insights into your backlinks.

The time has come for an update. Below are some of the best Backlink Checker tools that you can use in 2022.

What is a backlink checker?

A backlink checker is a tool that can identify links that are pointing to your website. This tool is designed to help you find out the existence of links pointing to your site, including links from directories, social media profiles, and other websites.

The most common use case for backlink checkers is SEO. You can use it to see whether or not you are getting enough inbound traffic and whether or not your competitors are ranking higher than you in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

The importance of backlinks

Backlinks are the lifeblood of any website. They are an essential component of SEO. However, it can be difficult to build links for your website, especially if you’re just starting in the industry.

Backlinks can come in many forms – links from other websites, links from blogs and social media posts, links from directories, and even link acquisition services like OutreachSEO or

However, backlinks are not only important in SEO terms but also when it comes to improving your site’s organic visibility on Google Search Results.

The search engine giant is changing its algorithm constantly which means that you should always be on top of your game when it comes to backlink-building strategies.

What are the best practices for getting backlinks?

One of the most important resources that content marketers need to know about is backlinks.

Backlinks are used to rank websites, build authority, and attract visitors. With these resources, you can attract more customers and make your website rank better in search engines.

Check out this infographic below to learn more about what backlink building should include.

Top 3 ways to increase your SEO ranking on Google

Google is always looking for ways to improve its ranking algorithm. One way that it has been doing that is by looking for ways to rank websites higher on the search engine’s first page. This includes a variety of techniques, such as improving the website’s backlink profile and optimizing its content.

Backlink Checker is a tool that helps you identify which websites are linking to your site and how good those links are. It provides metrics about the quality of those links and what you can do with them to increase your ranking on Google.

This article discusses three top backlink checker tools that have been proven effective in increasing SEO rankings on Google: Majestic, Mozbar, Ahrefs

Top 9 Backlink checkers tool lists for 2022

A backlink is a hyperlink from one webpage to another. This means that the webpage with the link is trying to promote content on another website, which may have its site traffic, brand recognition, or search engine rankings.

A backlink is also called a “link building” or “inbound link”. It’s often used as a measure of success for websites in terms of natural search results. The quality of your content and links are important but it’s not the only factor that determines how well your website will rank.

The following are the top best 9 best backlink checker tools in 2022

Alexa Toolbar

Alexa toolbar is a backlink checker tool that can help website owners improve their site’s SEO.

What makes Alexa toolbar different from other backlink checkers?

First of all, the Alexa toolbar has access to over 80 million websites. This allows it to provide better analysis. It also can re-rank websites based on individual keywords and provide rich information about them like traffic metrics, social shares, and rankings.


SEMrush is one of the best backlink checker tools to find out if your website has or is missing backlinks. This tool helps marketers and SEOs in finding out if any links are pointing to their site that may be harming their search engine ranking.

The backlink checker tool is a free online service that provides users with a simple way to determine how many links point to their website and which websites link back. The tool makes it easy for people to use the information gathered from the links and create an effective content strategy for marketing campaigns.

SEMrush does not have a paid option, so it’s available as a free online service.


Ubersuggest is a popular backlink checker tool that helps marketers and SEOs to identify which sites are linking to their websites.

The backlink checker tool is a free service with premium features. The free version of the service provides users with a link profile of websites that have linked to their website. The premium version of the service offers advanced features such as analytics insights, keyword density, domain authority, and others.

Ubersuggest is an easy-to-use backlink checker tool that provides information from Google search engine results. It enables marketers and SEOs to determine if their website has been linked by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing for search queries related to the keywords they are targeting.


LinkMiner is a backlink checker tool that helps marketers to check their competitors’ backlinks. This tool has over 1,000,000 backlinks and the database is updated every day.

If you want to know how your competitor is doing on search engine rankings or you want to make sure your company doesn’t have bad backlinks, this link checker can help.


Ahrefs is a popular backlink checker tool that helps website owners and digital marketers to find new possible links for their websites.

Many SEO experts also use the tool to check if their links are healthy.

Backlink Checker Tools can help improve the digital marketing strategies of any website or online business. They are easy to use, cost-effective, and have several positive side effects.


OpenLinkProfiler is a backlink checker tool that helps you determine the quality of your own website’s backlinks. It provides insights into how well your website is receiving traffic, the performance of your backlink profile, and its position in the natural search engine rankings.

OpenLinkProfiler comes with many other helpful features like link analysis, keyword research, and link-building tools. OpenLinkProfiler is an affordable tool that can help you find out what sort of strategies work best for your website.

OpenLinkProfiler does not just provide basic insights about how well your site’s backlinks are performing but also gives you ideas on how to improve their performance through keyword research and link-building techniques.


Buzzsumo is a backlink checker tool that can be used by anyone to find out where their competitors are getting their links. It is easy to use and has a lot of helpful features.

BuzzSumo is a great tool for finding out where your competitors are getting their links from. The tool tells you which domains have been linking back to the website you are analyzing. It has a few other features as well, such as telling you how big those domains are, what keywords those domains use, and how many total backlinks those domains have.

The Moz Link Explorer

The Moz Link Explorer is a tool that can be used to determine the quality of backlinks.

It provides insights into the anchor text, domain relationships, and link metrics. It also provides an advanced overview of the bid density.


Linkody is a free online tool that helps you to identify and check backlinks on any webpage. You can identify the backlinks with mixed levels of quality and use the tool to follow link-building strategies to increase your rankings.

Linkody came up with a great idea that helps you in identifying backlinks quickly and easily. With this tool, you can run your link-building campaign by checking the status of your current site’s backlink profile.

With this tool, it becomes easy for marketers to find out whether their links are earning them high-quality traffic or not.

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