6 Reasons to Switch to Avada Theme

Avada theme is one of the most popular premium WordPress themes around. It manages to provide elegant, responsive design and easy customization which is why it’s not surprising that it is the most popular choice.

Avada has a wide selection of features which includes SEO optimization, speed optimization, unlimited colors, and custom widgets, and looks great on all devices.

Top 6 Features of Avada WordPress Theme

The main feature of the Avada theme is that it’s 100% responsive. It means that the design is optimized for all screen sizes and devices.

Another feature of this theme is that it has a unique scrolling blog format that allows you to create long posts without having to scroll down too far. The other features are listed below:

Live visual builder

Avada is a fully responsive template that has been made to be used on all types of devices. It has a wide range of features, including a live visual builder, which makes it easy for anyone to customize their website.

With the help of the live visual builder, you can create and manage pages and posts in seconds. You can also add custom content, widgets, and more to your website with ease. And if you want to make changes on your website without changing the code you simply use the visual editor built into this theme.

Live Visual Builder: The single-page live visual builder integrates seamlessly into the Avada theme’s interface for an effortless design process that will save you hours of development time! At any point in time, your developers can edit your site

Layout builder

A layout builder is a great tool for beginner bloggers who don’t know what they should do to create their blog. It is built for beginners and provides some basic functions that can help you create your blog without any difficulty.

The layout builder has some features like the ability to drag-and-drop modules, editable widgets, custom post types, and more. It also includes a variety of options like responsive design, SEO tags, custom widgets, etc.

Header and footer builder

Header and footer builders can help us build our website without having to be a coder. They allow us to quickly and easily add header and footer elements to our websites.

Advantages: Header and footers make your content more organized, they provide a way of separating content from advertising.

Disadvantages: Header and footers don’t always match design standards, they require coding knowledge.

Form builder

The Avada theme features a full-featured form builder which is easy to use and customize. With this form builder, you will be able to create and share custom forms with your clients without any coding knowledge.

Avada is an elegant yet powerful WordPress theme that was built for those who love easy customization and customization options right out of the box. It’s one of the most popular themes on ThemeForest with thousands of downloads per month and it’s constantly evolving as new features are added to the mix.

The Avada theme has a full-featured form builder which is easy to use and customize. With this form builder, you will be able to create and share custom forms with your clients without any coding knowledge.

Performance wizard

One of the cool features that make this theme stand out is the performance wizard, which is a plugin that lets you quickly change the design of your website depending on the performance speed of your computer.

Performance wizard helps you to use Avada themes to their full potential by giving you access to dozens of live demos. You can also use it as an educational tool to learn how WordPress works and what are its main principles.

Nowadays, there are so many tools available for creating websites and blogs. But, if you want your site to perform well, then our team has developed a WordPress theme called Avada with unique features that makes it one of the best options for your business needs

Easy-to-implement drag-and-drop design elements

Using Avada theme features, designers can build their websites without any coding knowledge.

Designers worry less about HTML and CSS, instead of focusing on creating beautiful layouts with drag-and-drop options. They don’t need to know how to code to create amazing websites!

Avada is a leading WordPress theme that has a lot of powerful features, including the drag-and-drop layout builder. It lets designers use their creativity and focus on designing layouts rather than struggling with HTML and CSS functions.

Avada’s focus on performance and speed allows website visitors to enjoy an optimal user experience with fast loading speeds and efficient page load times, regardless of their device or network speed.

Avada also makes extensive use of CSS3 animations, transitions, effects, and more.

What Does an Avada WordPress Theme Offer You?

Avada is a WordPress theme that boasts an amazing variety of personalization options. It is not just about its looks, but it provides various ways to customize the content on your site.

Themes are important for any website, especially if you have a business website. A great theme will not only look good but will also increase conversions and provide your users with an intuitive experience.

Avada is one of the most flexible themes out there that offer tons of customization options for your content, design, and settings. It has a dashboard where you can customize everything from colors to layouts according to the type of platform you are using – WordPress or HTML/CSS – so it can work seamlessly with different platforms.

Avada vs Personalization Options for Your Website Template

One of the many options available in the responsive design of Avada world’s best theme is personalization. They can select from a variety of features which include a custom header, background color, logo, etc.

Today, it has become easier for website owners to have their customized designs without any worry about spending too much time on them.

How to Install an Avada Theme on Your Website in 5 Easy Steps?

This tutorial will show you how to install an Avada WordPress theme on your site.


1) Download the theme from Avada’s website

2) Unzip the downloaded archive to a location of your choice, for example, C:/avada-theme-current/

3) Copy the directory C:/avada-theme-current/Avada/WordPress/ to your public_html directory on your web server. This will also overwrite the default WordPress installation with Avada. You must have written access to this directory so that WordPress can edit files in this folder.

4) Navigate to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes and activate “Avada Theme” by clicking “Activate”. You should now see a success message under “Plugins installed

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