10 Little Changes Into Website That’ll Make a Big Difference

Changes into website

So, you’ve decided to do some changes to the website with outdated content.

You’ve decided to do it yourself and you’re planning to make your website as good as new.

Great, but what if you had 10 little Changes to a website that will make a huge difference to your website?

That you can use content creation and help your website take a new breath?

Here they are.

10 Little Changes to website That’ll Make a Big Difference

1) Color Variations

Color variation is always a great idea. You can add some color variation to your site with some basic CSS tricks.

But, make sure you don’t go overboard with color variation.

If your website feels like a circus, it’s not going to catch on.

Keep it simple and clean.

2) Remove Highlighted Text

When someone visits your website, one of the first things they see is the title of the page.

All of those fancy words are not what they should see.

They should be able to see the real content of your web pages.

Don’t use a lot of flashy font colors or weird formatting.

People like websites that are easy to read and that are simple to navigate.

3) Minimize Images

Your images should only be around the size of a thumbnail image.

This will give your visitors a clear idea of what your website is about.

Even if you have some fancy images, make them a tiny thumbnail on the website.

This makes your image very easy to read and navigate.

In the end, your images should contribute to your web pages, and not stand out like a sore thumb amongst all of your other content.

You can learn more about content optimization and image optimization for better results here.

4) Remove Meta Tags

Every website should have a set of tags that describe the content of each page.

At the very least, your meta description should be descriptive enough for search engine crawlers.

You should also put a tag on the title of each page that describes the content of the page.

By removing these tags from your website, you will be able to make your web pages appear more natural in search engines.

5) Remove Clickable Links

You can’t put up links on your website. If you have to, use anchor text instead of links.

This will help your website become more search engine friendly.

6) Use a Spinner

You don’t want your visitors to have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find what they are looking for.

A good spinner can help with this.

You also don’t want a lot of blank space at the top or bottom of the screen.

You want to make sure your visitor has an easy time finding what he or she is looking for.

You should spend just as much time on the design of your website as you do the coding.

7) Add a Contact Form

Without a question, the majority of people are going to type in their names and email addresses to find out more about you and your website.

Don’t make this hard. Add a contact form on every page of your website.

8) Use a Video

If your website has live streaming video content, it can dramatically improve your conversions.

The majority of people prefer to see videos online then read text.

Try to have a section of your website that contains videos.

People are more likely to watch something than read a long text article.

It will also make them feel more connected to you and the products and services you are selling.

9) Change the Default Theme

You don’t want your site to look the same as all of your competitors.

Think about the fonts and colors you are using.

Don’t stick with the same old boring template that everyone else is using.

Make your website stand out and you’ll increase your conversion rate.

10) Testimonials and Videos

Getting testimonials from other websites that have the same product or service as your own will boost your credibility.

Videos are also a great way to show people what you have to offer.

The more people that can see your website, the more likely they are to click on the links.

If your videos aren’t good, there’s a good chance your visitors will skip them.

Testimonials can also be a good way to generate interest in your website.

You want to get people talking about your website and the products and services that you are selling.

You can learn more here about website optimization that helps you rank in Google search.


Most of the time, this is all you will ever need to do on your website.

However, there are a few times when coding will be necessary.

If you ever need to add more functionality to your site, you can hire someone to do this.

Otherwise, make these 10 little changes that’ll make a big difference on your website.


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